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Wickersley, Rotherham Office: (01709) 709000

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Employment Settlement Agreements

Tierneys Solicitors are here to help when things go wrong at work. We know it can be an extremely worrying and stressful time, particularly if your job is at risk or you are having problems with your employer.

If you are able to reach an amicable solution with your Employer, one way to conclude this is with a Settlement Agreement.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

A settlement agreement, formally known as a ‘Compromise Agreement’ is a legally binding agreement between an Employer and an Employee which is intended to set our obligations on both Employer and Employee on termination of employment.

The Agreement gives certainty to both Employer and Employee. It is to ensure that the Employee will not pursue any employment related claims against the Employer, and usually involves payment of some compensation to the Employee.

A Settlement Agreement means that both parties know where they stand and have rights which are enforceable at Law. It offers a clean termination of the working contract between Employer and Employee where the potential for dispute exists.

Tierneys Solicitors  offer a service which is swift, efficient and professional for Settlement Agreements and is unrivalled in our opinion. We offer quick appointments and thorough advice and assistance.

Why use us?

As an organisation we pride ourselves on the highest level of client care and our Employment Department is no exception to this. We will be swift, efficient, friendly and responsive.

If you have been given a Settlement Agreement, we can:

  • Meet you face to face, usually within 1-2 days of calling us (the meeting will usually last between 30 and 60 minutes
  • Give you complete and thorough advice on the contents and effect of the Agreement
  • Deal with your employer swiftly and efficiently
  • Report to you and advise you in writing
  • Help you assess whether the proposed Agreement is fair or not

We appreciate that the Agreement may not be something you are familiar with, so we will ensure that you understand what you are signing, its effect and consequences. We will clarify any legal terminology.

If you are content to sign the Settlement Agreement, we will go through it with you so you understand it, then deal with the closing formalities for you including delivery of the Agreement along with any requests for amendments to the wording, We try to ensure that all the fees are paid by your Employer, though this is not always possible.

Contact us

If you need help please telephone our offices today and ask to speak to Adam Tierney, or Adele Dowdall in our Employment Department.

We will take preliminary details in that telephone call and see what we can do to help, including arranging an appointment to meet up where appropriate. All matters will be treated sensitively and in strict confidence.

Alternatively email us (including your name and telephone number) at litigation@tierneyandco.co.uk and we will respond.

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