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When someone dies, the law, naturally steps in to protect that person’s property and ensures that it is properly dealt with, this is called their “Estate”.

In most cases it is necessary to obtain a Grant of Representation from the Court, whether the person who has died left a will or not. The Grant allows the appropriate person to deal with the Estate. This person is called the “Personal Representative” and can be more than one person.

The Personal Representative(s) collect in the Estate and pay any debts and inheritance tax that may be due. Once these debts have been settled, the remaining money can be distributed to the appropriate beneficiaries.

This can be a difficult time for people and we can help in many ways, whether it is obtaining the Grant for you, Administering the Estate, or advising and helping to resolve a claim or dispute over the Estate.

Tierneys Solicitors can advise on whether a variation of the entitlement would be a good idea and we may even be able to save the Estate inheritance tax in some circumstances.

We can provide advice on a wide range of problems some of which you may have thought of and others which you may not.

With clear advice and clear details of what we charge, you will know where you stand at all times. We pride ourselves on our reputation and the service we offer.

As Probate Solicitors we can also offer home visits and video conferencing, available by arrangement